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Take Root in Sacred Ground


Toward Renewed Relationships with the Earth.

There is a mycelial movement emerging.

Mycelium  (maɪ’siːlɪəm) — a mass of interconnected, branching fungus that often form symbiotic relationships between individual plants through extensive underground networks — sharing water, carbon, nutrients, and information.

There is an growing community of those who recognize the root of our environmental crisis as a rupture of deep relationship with the natural world.  We are people walking diverse paths toward a shared vision — to live in sacred, recriprocal, and renewed relationship with the land.

Sacred Ground Initiative looks to the network of fungus beneath the soil as a model for structuring an emergent movement. Mycelium form symbiotic lines of communication between plants over long distances, share nutrients, and help plants and trees grow strong and resilient through an underground web of connection that binds the soil together.

Honoring this wisdom, we are connecting to each other, sharing our ideas, gathering and developing means to harness and sustain resources for a growing movement. From those deep in the work to those just finding their way, together we work to magnify a critical worldview for our time — that we are as interconnected to each other as we are to the living systems under our feet. 

Sacred Ground is a non-sectarian, multi-disciplinary initiative engaged in the a greater movement toward Spiritual Ecology. 


Practices of spiritual ecology affirm the inherent worth of the natural world as more than raw materials for human use and consumption. Living the way of spiritual ecology requires not only that we apply these values to our efforts to conserve and protect our environment, but to our personal inward transformations in intimate relationship with the Earth.

This quickly evolving field is finding composition in the ideas, advocations, art, and spiritual practices that strive for deep participation with the natural world in the spirit of kinship, reciprocity, and gratitude.

Now is the time to ask questions, initiate conversations, and humbly hold space for this emerging movement to grow.

We believe that the way through our age of divisive separation and climate chaos is to be in deep relationship with each other and with the Earth. We are a community of people called to explore, listen, and co-create the practices that reveal how truly interconnected we are. 

In the face of human violence and ecological destruction, we are called to hold the radical notion that the strength of our relationships will be what sees us through to a new way of being.

Take your place on Sacred Ground.


Sacred Ground Initiative connects those who are working to restore sacred relationship with the land.


Stay tuned for more updates as we launch.